Chinalco south aluminium (fujian) aluminium structure technology development co. LTDIssuingTime:2016-12-30


On December 1, from the south of fujian province aluminum aluminum engineering co., LTD. Science and technology industry co., LTD. Is a joint venture with chinalco international aluminum chinalco south (fujian) aluminium structure technology development co., LTD. The ceremony in fuzhou hi-tech zone west park sea east road of science and technology universal r&d center was held. The ceremony by fujian nanping aluminium co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "southern aluminum company), deputy general manager, chinalco south (fujian) aluminium GeYongMei structure technology development co., LTD., legal representative, general manager.

Fujian province metallurgy (holding) co., LTD. General manager Lin as a guide, chinalco international co., LTD., chairman of He Zhihui, fuzhou hi-tech zone Jiang Zhiwen xiao-jie wu, vice chairman and secretary, deputy director of tang Yin; Zhou min, general manager assistant and general counsel of fujian metallurgical (holding) co., LTD. Party secretary, chairman, general manager li xiang and deputy secretary Lin hengxiang of the party committee of nac; Party secretary, chairman, general manager Chen wei and deputy general manager huang guoqin of fujian overseas Chinese industrial group co., LTD. He zexi, former general manager of south aluminum company; Zhu jiaming, general manager of chinalco international aluminum industry co. Li qun, general manager of fujian southern aluminium engineering co., LTD., and all employees of chinalco southern aluminium (fujian) co., LTD attended the opening ceremony.

This year on September 3, party secretary of China aluminum co., LTD, chairman of the board of directors GeGongLin to southern aluminum company research, understand the southern aluminum company as a local state-owned enterprises, make full use of the complete aluminum industrial chain advantage is closely connected with market, has a strong innovation ability and competition consciousness, in order to further broaden the application scope of aluminum processing products and expand domestic and foreign markets, chinalco and south aluminum complementary advantages and combination, proposed a joint venture of chinalco south aluminum technology development co., LTD (fujian) aluminum structure, use of chinalco, strong technical force and aluminum market competition management advantages, cooperation to develop new products, aluminum structure For example, the new products such as all-aluminum bridge, all-aluminum enclosure workshop, aluminum flood control board, aluminum alarm silver pavilion, etc. By fujian province metallurgy (holding) co., LTD. Communicate and coordinate with chinalco, on September 6, south aluminum company chairman, general manager and party secretary li xiang a line to Beijing, led by chinalco international co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors He Zhihui, they reached cooperation intention agreement, that day by chinalco international company, southern aluminum company, the shareholders agree founded the organizing work, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement on October 18. In the top leadership attaches great importance to and support, in a short period of time set up the chinalco south (fujian) aluminium structure technology development co., LTD., the shareholders' committee, the board of directors and board of supervisors, completed the established legal procedures. Under the care and support of the leaders of fuzhou high-tech zone, the new company was successfully registered in haixi park of fuzhou high-tech zone on November 18.

Opening ceremony, south aluminum company chairman, general manager and party secretary li xiang, chinalco international co., LTD., chairman of He Zhihui delivered a warm speech, respectively, with very good wishes for the new company.

At 9:18 a.m., amid celebratory fireworks, he zhihui, chairman of chinalco international co., LTD., and li xiang, chairman, general manager and secretary of the party committee, jointly unveiled the new company.

The registered capital of aluminum structure and technology development co., ltd. of chinalco south aluminum (fujian) is 100 million yuan, with each party contributing 50 million yuan. New company business scope for the aluminium alloy product development and application, production, sales and marketing, engineering general contracting, including design, production, installation and construction, as well as the company's export products and the import of raw materials, machinery equipment, and related technical consulting, technology services, etc. This cooperation is in line with the long-term development strategy of both sides and will play a positive role in promoting the transformation, upgrading and development of the aluminum profile industry in fujian province.

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