South aluminum fire safety demonstration community experience exchange will be heldIssuingTime:2017-05-23

On April 26th afternoon, nanping municipal government organization governs 10 county, city and district public security bureau, civil affairs bureau, the comprehensive management of public, fire brigade, community and other units on behalf of more than 80 people in southern aluminum community fire safety demonstration community will experience exchange.

According to the provincial public security department, comprehensive management of public and home office jointly issued "on fire safety demonstration community to create activities notice, nanping deployed to carry out fire control safety demonstration community to create work, south aluminum community for solid fire to be create demonstration pilot. In nanping city fire team, fire brigade, under the support and assistance of the department of water east streets and other units, the property agency work closely and community residents' committees, and invested a large amount of manpower and material resources, financial resources, use for a month of time, further improve the security identity, improve fire control propaganda and training drills, fire security hardware facilities in accordance with the standard, and fire control work should be brought into the grid management system and improve the community fire prevention inspections, eliminate hidden dangers, fire fighting and emergency ability, and early results show.

On the afternoon of April 26, city leaders and representatives first watched the introduction of the construction of the demonstration community of fire safety of south aluminum and the introduction of video for spraying system products. Conference, the city government leadership on fire safety community construction work puts forward opinions and requirements, hope to further implement the various units province public security department, comprehensive management of public and fire safety department jointly issued by the community to create activities notice spirit, earnestly to do a good job of fire safety community construction. After the meeting, each unit represents a row to the community in the field to watch the independent type smoke alarm, simple spray system simulation test and micro fire emergency demonstration, and visited the community charging stations, spray parking facilities, the micro fire station hall, and community. South aluminum high standards of fire equipment, fire safety demonstration community facilities configuration, a complete closed loop management process and specification of fire work operation, get 10 county, city and district representatives's consistent high praise. Leaders of nanping city give full recognition to the establishment of the demonstration community of fire safety of nanhai aluminum, which will serve as a benchmark for the further promotion of socialization of fire work in nanping city. The exchange of experience will come to a successful conclusion.

By creating a fire safety demonstration community to further improve the south aluminum community fire safety environment, strengthen the fire control work, to improve residents' awareness of fire prevention, workers for residents of the employees also provide a good living environment.

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