The company held the education conference to promote the "junbo spirit" and deepen the "two studies and one work" studyIssuingTime:2017-05-23

Held on May 4, during last year's "two learn how to make a" learning education mobilization meeting, the first anniversary of the spirit to carry forward Liao Junbo held south aluminum company, deepen the "two learn how to make a" learning education conference, company party secretary, chairman at the meeting will further deepen shang "two learn how to make a" learning education to mobilize the deployment.

Imperial, southern aluminum company through a year of learning and action, all the party members and cadres in political thinking consciousness have been improved, but in practice, from the central, provincial party committee and fujian requirements of metallurgical party to a lot of difference. Company party cadres at all levels must attach great importance to, further understand the to carry out the "two learn how to make a" to learn the great importance of education, carefully summarize a year "two learn how to make a" learning education work problems and deficiencies, to implement "a pair of responsibilities". According to the tasks and requirements of the current situation, the party committee of the company put forward three requirements to promote liao junbo's spirit and further deepen the study of education. Second, to be practical; Third, carry forward the spirit of liao junbo, and interpret his loyalty to the party, his care for the masses and his dedication to his cause with practical actions.

Li said the key to learning education is to do it both ways. Learn with problems, and do with problems. Therefore, it must be closely combined with solving the difficult problems that affect the economic benefits of enterprises, and learn from education to grasp the satisfactory results of the company. It must be closely combined with solving difficult problems that affect the stability of the staff team, so as to achieve satisfactory results by learning from education.

Previously, for the implementation of the jinping general secretary comrade to Liao Junbo advanced deeds made important instructions, southern aluminum company according to the provincial party committee of the communist party of China (fujian about posthumous comrade Liao Junbo title of "the provincial outstanding communist party member" and "learn from comrade Liao Junbo activity decision and nanping municipal party committee, the straight work committee of the communist party of China about the notice spirit, issued by the implementation of" learn from comrade Liao Junbo, do four speak four qualified party member "activities of the notice, full use of radio, television, newspapers and other media and the Internet, micro letter, party member e home, party construction on new media platforms such as micro class held by each party branch seminars, experience means such as communication, Widely publicized Liao Junbo comrade's advanced deeds and units have sprung up Liao Junbo type of party members, to create a strong atmosphere of learning from advanced typical around, will study "two learn how to make a" education normalized institutionalized. Especially Liao Junbo comrade was productive, fujian and aluminum lightweight project builders in the spirit of comrade Liao Junbo for lead, carries forward the white and black, five plus two fighting spirit, overcome the negative influence of the rainy season, the extraordinary effort to speed up the construction progress. At present, fujian and lightweight aluminum construction project relocation task well done, southern aluminum company following the investment and high precision in chengdu IT profile construction project implementation "construction, was completed and put into operation after success, and will again set in fujian wuyi district investment lightweight aluminum construction projects and a magical" south aluminum speed ".

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