Hu changsheng, a member of the standing committee of the provincial party committee and the organization minister, visited the company for investigationIssuingTime:2017-08-23

On the morning of August 6th, hu changsheng, member of the standing committee of fujian provincial party committee and the organization minister of fujian provincial party committee, came to fujian aluminum light measurement company for research, accompanied by yuan yi, secretary of nanping municipal party committee, and xu weize, mayor.

Fujian and aluminum lightweight Zhang Donggui company chairman and general manager to Hu Changsheng Fan Yongda line describes the present situation of fujian and aluminum lightweight workshop, Liao Junbo comrade living service for lightweight first phase of the project, and guide and nanping municipal party committee and municipal government, wuyi new area main leadership to carry forward good spirit, continue to fujian and aluminum lightweight phase ii project construction to give strong support and help, and the priorities for the next stage to do a detailed report.

In the process of investigation and research, to Zhang Donggui Hu Changsheng, Fan Yongda detailed consultation vehicle lightweight solution - strength and ensure the car under the premise of safety performance, how to reduce the curb weight of the car, as much as possible so as to improve the power of the car or the cargo capacity, reduce fuel consumption, reduce exhaust pollution. Through the introduction, Hu Changsheng and other leaders of vehicle lightweight solution in response to the national development strategy, and the achievements of energy conservation and environmental protection aspects in highly, the next phase of our constructive guidance is given.

Priority when it comes to the next stage, Zhang Donggui said: as a "handsome wave spirit" demonstration base, lightweight company all staff will make persistent efforts, the "handsome wave spirit" in the daily work, to speed up the lightweight second and third phase of the construction progress and to respond to a nation called on, establish industry benchmark, and make new contributions to energy conservation and emissions reduction.

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