The general assessment and assessment team of the cultivation objects of the national civilized unit visited the south aluminum inspectionIssuingTime:2017-08-23

The fifth (2015-2017) general evaluation on the cultivation objects of the national civilized units was launched recently. On August 4, a team of 3 people from the provincial and municipal cultural and cultural affairs office came to south aluminum to make a general assessment of the company's efforts to create civilized units across the country.

This time, the evaluation of the cultivation object of the national civilized unit is mainly the evaluation system of the national civilized unit (2017 edition) issued by the central civilization office. Reviewed prior to the group of a line in the company secretary of the party committee, deputy secretary of the trade union chairman jun-min Chen, company, vice secretary of party committee, secretary of the discipline inspection commission, under the guidance of LuMin visited the company product exhibition hall, and watched the history of a factory is introduced.

In conference room 314, zhou ce, executive vice general manager and chief engineer of the company, welcomed and addressed the arrival of the assessment team. Lu min, deputy secretary of the party committee of the company and secretary of the discipline inspection committee, then reported in detail the specific situation of the company's efforts to create a national civilized unit. On the end of the assessment group is divided into two groups, one group in the company, deputy party secretary, accompanied by the trade union chairman jun-min Chen and other leaders, in turn, looked at the staff canteen, energy center, special moral lecture hall on the third floor, the union reading room, calligraphy and painting rooms and other places. Another group, accompanied by lu min, deputy secretary of the party committee and secretary of the discipline inspection committee, checked the documents and conducted a questionnaire survey in conference room 314. After the assessment, the team praised the enthusiasm and achievements of the establishment of the south aluminum civilization.

For a long time, the company in the provinces and cities, the relevant departments under the correct leadership and strong support of the provinces, under the guidance of the government's care, always adhere to the principle of coordinated development of "four civilizations" work, in order to achieve the national civilized unit activities as the carrier, creation and enterprise development around the civilization, promoting the work, has obtained certain achievements. In 2015, the south aluminum company strove forward bravely with the goal of "going to a new stage and building a new south aluminum", and embarked on the journey of striving to create a national civilized unit again. In the past three years, with the deepening of the establishment activities, the overall level of enterprise civilization has been greatly improved, and the speed of transformation and upgrading has been significantly accelerated. Aluminum not only won the south more than 30 provincial-level honorary title, and further strengthen and improve the south aluminum as the leading enterprises in the country, the important position of the province's economic and social influence. Over the past three years, a total of 61 advanced collective and advanced individuals have won awards at or above the municipal level.

In the course of striving for a national civilized unit, the general manager assistant of fujian metallurgical corporation, secretary of the party committee of the company, chairman li xiang and other leading groups have always attached great importance to the struggle. Company founded by li xiang coalesced into civilized unit to create work leading group, set up special actuators, established the unified leadership of party committee and deputy secretary in charge of the specific, special grab government, company, each party (always) branch joint grasp the leadership mechanism, formed a DangZhengGong group should build platforms in full and actively participate in activities create a lively situation.

In the face of fierce market competition, the company give full play to the construction of spiritual civilization in boosting morale, stimulate creativity and the unique role of promotion center work, guide the broad masses of staff unified thought, strengthen confidence, ranging from without, hard work, in turning around in the battle to find a way to, dig potential, and the enterprise, the advocacy, has achieved good results.

Civilized units create work only better, not the best. In the next step, the company will further promote the in-depth integration of civilized creation work and enterprise center work. Outside the country, we will continue to strengthen the radiative power created by civilization, spread new social civilization and lead new moral trends.

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