The leading group of south aluminum in fujian aluminum light quantization company to carry out the theme party day activitiesIssuingTime:2017-09-22

As the education to guide the company all party member advanced typical as the example, promote south aluminum "two learn how to make a" learning education normalized institutionalization, September 18, company party secretary, chairman li xiang organization staff to the subsidiary - fujian fujian and aluminum lightweight automobile manufacturing co., LTD., to carry out the thematic party day activity, and began a 12-day "learning good wave of promoting development, authors efficiency I rushed" thematic party day activity. Hou xiaoliang, deputy general manager of fujian metallurgical (holding) co., LTD., and zhou min attended the activity together.

Fujian and aluminum lightweight is provincial key projects, as well as comrade Liao Junbo vice-governor in wuyi district of one of the key projects, project builders in the "spirit" jung wave) in the 69 days to complete a phase ii of the construction of the "south aluminum speed", become the new learning "jung wave spirit" education demonstration base. At present, the new company all staff is "committed to build China's first-class intelligent manufacture special automobile enterprise" as the development goals, accelerate the construction of three phase ii project, as well as the domestic first sets intelligent side board, box production line construction, to the first quarter of next year is expected to completed, after, can form the annual output of 10000 sets of lightweight carriage and logistics car production capacity.

All the party committee members who participated in this activity wore party emblems in a workshop that had been built and put into production. Facing the bright red party flag, they raised their right hands and held a solemn activity to review the oath of membership. Next, south aluminum party member of the party branch company representatives will be partial to study advanced Liao Junbo ShiJiZhan wuyi district, revisit the party oath, to visit the production line, with fujian lightweight aluminum company staff to learn communication, to find out the gap between the advanced, play the cutting edge exemplary role, lead south aluminum all staff in the practice of the construction of the new aluminum vigor, to the party with more excellent grades 19 big gift.

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