Fujian news of the aluminumIssuingTime:2017-10-31

According to the requirements of fujian metallurgical co., LTD., the hr department formulates the special plan for personnel development in the 13th five-year plan of south aluminum corporation.

In accordance with the personnel policies recently issued by fujian province and nanping city in recent years and in light of the company's actual situation, the ministry of human resources has formulated and issued the measures for strengthening the talent team construction. Human resources department

On September 19, Lin shuicai, director of the nanping municipal environmental protection bureau, and his colleagues visited the company to investigate.

The audit department has been selected as an advanced unit of internal audit work in fujian province by nanping city, fujian province, and has been recommended by the audit department of fujian metallurgical corporation as a major unit for year-end internal audit work experience exchange in metallurgical systems. Ministry of audit

Pieces of party-masses work sets out the south aluminum company party activity funds use and management measure (trial) "and" about southern aluminum company party wear notice party emblem, group spirit of the party branch to carry out the document.

Party working department

National Day, the party work department of the municipal party and industry commission, completed the work of assisting and assisting the needy party members in the early stage, sympathizing with four party members in total and sending a condolence payment of 3,200 yuan. Party working department

According to the circular of the organization department of the party committee of sasac, which is responsible for compiling the five-year excellent mass spectrums of fujian state-owned enterprises, the party working department assists in providing relevant materials for six employees of the company and reporting them.

The party working department organized all the party branch departments to complete the basic information collection and input of party members of party members of party member e family, and checked 728 party members of the company.

In pieces on the morning of September 21, the company "ankang cup" contest office organize trade unions, the production department of homeland security, property agency and related safety management personnel, carry out with "major hazard" as the theme of "ankang cup" contest in the third quarter on-site inspection, check condition overall is good.

On the morning of September 27, the security committee of the company organized personnel to conduct pre-holiday safety, fire prevention and quarantine inspection.

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