South aluminum is invited to the heat insulation profile production enterprises trainingIssuingTime:2005-07-04

May 25 ~ 26, 2005, non-ferrous metal products by office of the national industrial products production license examination department organization of production license for the aluminum alloy construction profiles in the implementation details (hair) certificate added to modify content stable cross will be held in suzhou, the conference is aimed at a heat insulation aluminum products production enterprise, the south aluminum was invited to 90 production enterprises more than 130 related technical personnel training.

The standard GB5237.1 ~ 5237.6-2004 for aluminium alloy building profiles issued by the national standardization commission was implemented on March 1, 2005. The trial regulations on industrial product production license stipulate that "if the production license has not expired and the current national or professional standards have been revised, it shall be re-examined and re-evaluated". If no review is made, the production license of the product will be revoked. According to GB5237.1 ~ 5237.6-2004 standard, the office of national industrial product production license made supplementary amendments to the relevant provisions of the implementation rules and organized this publicity meeting.

To coincide with the detailed rules for the implementation complement changes stable cross, facilitate everybody can better understanding and accurate standard, southern aluminum company technical requirements in stable cross standard pay attention to the meaning of the terms to stable cross, making basis and reason, which made us not only "learning", and "know how"; In the experimental method of publicity standard, attention should be paid to how to achieve the standard requirements and ensure that the implementation standard is indeed "doing the right thing and doing the right thing".

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