The party committee of the company deploys education activities to maintain the advanced nature of the party membersIssuingTime:2005-02-04

Theoretical study presided over by a company, party secretary of Lin jian, he mainly on the importance of keeping the communist party member advanced sex education, the necessity, the guiding ideology of advanced sex education activity, the goals and objectives, guiding principles and overall arrangement, methods, steps made in this paper, and combining the reality of south aluminum, strengthen organizational leadership, do well the advanced sex education overall requirements are put forward.

To carry out party-wide practice "the three represents" the important thoughts as the main content of keeping the communist party member advanced sex education activity, is the party central committee assess the situation and foresight to make major decisions, is our party in the aspect of strengthening the construction of party members, cadres and taken a major strategic measures. The provincial and municipal party committees respectively held the education activity mobilization meeting to maintain the advanced nature of the communist party members recently, and the company was listed as the first group to carry out the advanced nature education activity in the province. To this, the party committee attaches great importance to, request all party member to unify thought, strengthen sense of responsibility and mission, completes the advanced sex education activity and through the activities carried out to achieve the following four goals: to improve the party member quality, play a leading role; Strengthening grassroots organizations and enhancing competitive advantages; Maintain steady development and seek long-term benefits; Promote all kinds of work, improve enterprise efficiency.

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