Gold extracted from "research on optimization and energy saving technology of 240KA aluminum electrolysis process" projectIssuingTime:2008-07-09

Report from our correspondent on June 18, in fujian province, the third worker innovation exhibition "across the Taiwan straits, the nanping aluminium rui-ming li and Chen wei 11 people of" 240 ka aluminum electrolysis process optimization of energy saving technology research "won the gold medal project.

"Research on 240KA aluminum electrolysis process optimization and energy-saving technology" project is a set of high-efficiency energy-saving technology developed by nanping aluminum electrolysis after years of exploration and optimization of electrolysis technology. The project for the current weak link in the field of domestic electrolytic aluminium technology: neat furnace construction and the maintenance, the optimum technological conditions of combination, tank control system performance optimization, strengthening the current process control, tank life extension technology aspects research, and achieved substantial breakthrough and significant benefit, has the advanced nature and the initiative.

Research results on the project in 2007, nanping aluminium electrolytic tons of aluminum ac power consumption has fallen to an average of 13508 KWH, lower compared to the 319 KWH/t, the average current efficiency up to 94.36%, rose 0.79%, tons of aluminum anode consumption 503.4 kg, MAO years can increase the output value 44.39 million yuan, regulations profit is 20.9 million yuan, remarkable achievements in saving energy and reducing consumption. The company has achieved long-term stable, high efficiency and low consumption production, ranking among the top 84 aluminum smelters in China and the first among the same type of 240KA prebake tank.


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