Nanping aluminum successfully developed the L888 series high performance push-pull WindowsIssuingTime:2008-08-12

Fujian nanping aluminum industry co., LTD., after years of research and development, has successfully developed L888 series of high-performance push-pull Windows using a number of new technologies, such as eagle beak structure.

In April 2008, the performance of L888 series of high-performance push-pull Windows reached the international leading level, according to the data of five-character physical performance test provided by the door and window inspection center of fujian jianke academy. Compared with the existing leading products of nanping aluminum L868 series, L888 series high-performance push-pull window in addition to the five sex physical properties superior to L868 series, in terms of its economic performance is better than L868 series materials to save more than 10%; Another highlight of the L888 series is that the push and pull window inner fan can be loaded and unloaded from the inside, which ensures the safety of the window fan during loading, unloading and maintenance, and improves the placement efficiency.

It is reported that L888 series push-pull Windows have been included in the 2008 fujian provincial key science and technology plan project, and have applied for invention patents and utility model patents. At present, the sales company is rushing to make product sample Windows and carry out marketing in a planned way.


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