"Double low one high" electrolytic energy saving research results are excellentIssuingTime:2008-08-12

This newspaper news electrolysis major this year will "double low one high" namely low voltage, low effect coefficient, high current efficiency energy-saving project as chief engineer science and technology innovation main attack project. With the unremitting efforts of the project team, the research project of "double low and one high" electrolytic energy saving has been progressing smoothly. In the first half of this year, the main technical and economic indicators are excellent, and it is at the advanced level of domestic electrolytic aluminum industry.

In the industry, "double low and one high" process goal is the first process control and management goal proposed by our company. Project in electrolytic process continues the previous research, on the basis of the neat groove chamber solid measures, process stability control strategy, process quality refinement management in-depth research, and actively promote application of mature technology, achieving sustainable energy saving section line.

The successful implementation of this project not only improves the overall technical management level of electrolysis to a new level, but also directly promotes the stable, high efficiency and low consumption production of electrolysis cell. In the january-june period of this year, the average trough operating voltage was 4.073v, down 45mV year on year. The effect coefficient was 0.073, down 0.153 year on year. Average current efficiency reached 94.8%, up 0.6% year on year. The dc power consumption of ton aluminium was 12949kwh, down 190kwh compared with the same period last year. We will truly achieve the goal of "double low and one high" energy conservation and consumption reduction.


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