South aluminum and holding company 3 products won the non-ferrous metal physical quality gold cup awardIssuingTime:2009-02-13

Recently, fujian nanping aluminium co., LTD. "fujian aluminum aluminum and aluminum alloy hot extrusion tube (tube)", "south aluminum electrical round aluminum bar" and the south of fujian province aluminum processing co., LTD. "fujian brand fluorocarbon paint spraying aluminum aluminum veneer" by the Chinese quality association non-ferrous metal branch organization of 2008 annual non-ferrous metal product quality recognition, won the quality center of nonferrous metals. This is nanping aluminum after aluminum alloy building section (5 products) and industrial section won the gold cup award, three products won the non-ferrous metal material quality gold cup award.

This is fame of non-ferrous metal branch according to the China nonferrous metals industry association non-ferrous metal product quality recognition method "rules of procedure, after materials review, third-party user satisfaction survey, on-site inspection, sampling inspection, quality expert evaluation rejoin committee for examination, and review that south aluminium and holding company, 3 kinds of products meet international quality level of similar products. South aluminum and holding company at the marked the creates the brand strategy of nanping aluminium has been extended by the aluminum alloy construction profiles to other products, the "fujian aluminum" brand awareness and market share has important significance.


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