The second congress of the communist youth league of the company was held ceremoniouslyIssuingTime:2005-03-29

The second congress of the communist youth league of the company was held on the morning of March 16. In the solemn national song, the first congress of the communist youth league of fujian nanaluminium company was opened. The meeting was attended by 41 youth delegates, more than 40 representatives from the communist party of the communist party of the communist party of the communist party of the communist party of the communist party of the communist party of China (CPC) and its sister units, company leaders, party branch secretaries and special invited representatives. The meeting was presided over and opened by xiao fenghua.

Company vice secretary of party committee Lv Xiaohua speech at the meeting, the three requirements are put forward for the communist youth league work in the next three years, hope that members of youth to inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of the south aluminum communist youth league, active in the company reform and development of practice. Rong-sheng Chen, chairman of the union representing under l cordenillo, in the hope that young people develop strong ownership responsibility, efforts to improve the ideological and moral quality and business level, to make myself as "four haves". Ding guisheng, deputy secretary of the league city committee, and representatives of the league committee of shaxigou hydropower plant also delivered congratulatory remarks.

The main tasks of this conference are to review the work report of the first youth league committee and to elect a new one. Li qiang, entrusted by the first youth league committee, made a work report at the conference. Zhang daoming made the review report on the income and expenditure of the group fee and the venture fund. The representatives considered and unanimously adopted the two reports. The general assembly elected the new youth league committee by secret ballot, passed the resolution and made an initiative to all the youth league members of the company.

Company, chairman and party secretary of Lin jian spoke at the meeting said that youth is the future of the south aluminum and hope, hope the company party organizations at all levels should stand in the strategic height of enterprise development, for young people to create more opportunities; Be more tolerant of young people. Give young people more topics to guide their thinking. Communicate with young people. We will arrange more funds for the activities organized by the youth league, actively create favorable conditions for young people to study, work and live, and provide a stage and way for them to display their talents. At the same time, he hopes his young friends will be realistic and pragmatic, be a real person, read some real books, do some real things and achieve real results based on their positions.

The meeting concluded successfully with the song of the dai tuan. After the meeting, the first meeting of the new youth league committee was held, and li qiang was elected as the deputy secretary of the youth league committee.

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