Top ten news of fujian aluminum cupIssuingTime:2006-03-14

1. South aluminum community was awarded "national green community". At the state environmental protection administration of recognition of 112 "national green community to create advanced unit", the south aluminum community among the province's eight "column of national green communities", and at the same time become the province only one created by the enterprise and win the title of "national green community" of the community. 

2. Sales revenue of this department of south aluminum exceeded 1 billion yuan for the first time. In 2005, the sales revenue (excluding tax) of this department exceeded 1 billion yuan for the first time, increasing by 25% year-on-year. 

3. The first south aluminum company technology conference was held ceremoniously. On the morning of November 30, the first science and technology conference of south aluminum company was held grandly in the hall of south aluminum. The conference honored 26 outstanding scientific and technological workers and 3 outstanding enterprise ideological and political workers. Thirty - one outstanding scientific and technological papers, 47 scientific and technological achievements and 13 outstanding political and research papers were awarded. 

4. The year of science and technology activities will be held in south aluminum. In the year of science and technology activities in 2005, the company issued the trial measures for the evaluation and award of "science and technology achievement award" of south aluminum company, which strengthened the incentive of science and technology innovation. Centered on saving energy and reducing consumption, improve the level of enterprise benefit and technology development needs, carried out to optimize the 240 ka electrolytic process, oil and gas lubrication independent development of mold, casting process optimization, improve the extrusion material yield of basic research, with the target via porous mould and inlay spelling mould research such as technology innovation, as well as the development of new alloy, 65 dry curtain wall system development such as new product development as a representative of 40 technical research of the project, investment 3.95 million yuan, complete 28, accounting for 70% of the total project and achieved significant results. 

5. Signed a long-term contract for 40,000 tons of alumina with chinalco, laying an important foundation for the completion of the annual production and operation task. 

6. Drafted and formally implemented the national standard of gb5237.6-2004 aluminum alloy building section 6 heat insulation section. The national standard of gb5237.6-2004 "aluminum alloy building section 6 heat insulation section", which was drafted by six units of the company, was officially implemented on March 1, 2005. This standard ended the domestic aluminum alloy heat insulation profile has not yet unified the national standard history, filled the domestic blank. 

7. The company has signed the land use right transfer agreement for the aluminum strip processing project. On December 2, south aluminum aluminum belt processing project land use right transfer agreement signing ceremony was held in south aluminum sales company, nanping science and technology industrial park investment and development co., LTD., transfer area of about 265 mu of land to bring south aluminum processing co., LTD., for the south aluminum strip and aluminum deep processing project, the project is expected to become south aluminum new economic growth point.

 8. The company has built 597 new affordable housing units for delivery. Company newly built four 597 set of economy applicable room, from the aspects of function, cost, structure and so on comprehensive evaluation is the most economical housing, l become a "bright spot" nanping city residence, south aluminum living environment improved significantly.

 9. Carry out education activities to maintain the advanced nature of party members, and establish a long-term mechanism to maintain the advanced nature. South aluminum maintains the communist party member advanced sex education activity started on January 30th and lasted five months, 25 party branch, 752 party members complete study mobilization, analysis, evaluation, corrective improve three stages. Party members wrote 709 articles of learning experience. Held 37 consultation meetings and talks, and issued 260 solicitation forms, which were summarized into 53 articles. In order to maintain the company's advanced education activities for a long time, the party committee has issued the implementation plan of the long-term mechanism of keeping the communist party members advanced in nanaluminium and the handbook of the party building clean government system. According to the statistics of 191 employee representatives soliciting opinions, the employee satisfaction rate of education was 99.8% for the company to keep the communist party members advanced. 

10, "fujian aluminum" brand aluminum was named "China's first brand aluminum alloy construction material market", "green building materials products", south aluminum was awarded the national building materials system "quality, service, credit AAA enterprise".

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