South aluminum wins 2006 "national May Day labor award"IssuingTime:2006-06-02

"May Day" labor day approaching, fujian nanping aluminum co., ltd. won the 2006 "national May Day labor award."

"National May Day labor diploma" is the all-china federation of trade unions to honour in reform, opening up and socialist modernization construction have made outstanding contributions to the awards, set up advanced collective is one of the highest honorary title of national collective. On May 18, south aluminum was held on the third floor conference room in the company "national May Day labor diploma" award ceremony, the provincial federation of trade unions Lin Ji strong tiger, ministry of economic affairs, vice President of long-range, labor model Pan Liming, director of the office and other leaders made a special trip from fuzhou to southern aluminum company, on behalf of the all-china federation of trade unions in south aluminum gave nameboards awards.

The award ceremony was presided over by lu xueling, vice chairman of nanping federation of trade unions. Lu xiaohua, vice secretary of the party committee and chairman of the trade union of the company, first briefly introduced the main achievements of the company in the construction of three civilizations and the work of the trade union in recent years. Company chairman, party secretary of Lin jian in position statement stressed that won the "national May Day labor diploma" is the highest embodiment of enterprise labor create value and the southern aluminum since last year, the national spiritual civilization create work advanced unit "and" national green community "is a big honor, after all the staff want to cherish and maintain the honor, strive hard, seize the opportunity to speed up the development.

Lin Ji tiger, nanping, vice President of federation of trade unions in fujian province party secretary, vice chairman of the raise, respectively, in a speech at the meeting, the south aluminum won the "national May Day labor diploma" expressed warm congratulations, and to the company all staff sincerely respect. Their economic strength obvious enhancement in southern aluminum company in recent years, significant results were obtained in enterprise reform and development, the construction of spiritual civilization fruitful, further strengthen the trade union work, for fujian province and made important contribution to the development of local social economy to give high praise.

In his final concluding remarks, vice chairman Lin jibiao hoped that south aluminum would strengthen the brand awareness of the May 1 labor award and play a better role as a model leader. To strengthen the learning consciousness of employees and make efforts to improve their own quality; We will strengthen our awareness of innovation and work hard in scientific management to make new and greater contributions to the building of the economic zone on the west coast of the straits.

More than 70 members of the leading group and representatives from various units attended the award ceremony.

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