Provincial party secretary lu zhong-gong came to visit the companyIssuingTime:2007-07-26

On July 2, solstice 9, fujian provincial party secretary lu zhong-gong led the provincial party committee's "four topics" research group to visit nanping. 

On the afternoon of February 2, lu was accompanied by xu qian, secretary of nanping municipal party committee, and gong qingke, mayor of nanping aluminum co., LTD in fujian province. Zhangong, secretary of a line with gusto visited south aluminum products exhibition hall and the new ten thousand tons of aluminum production, technical field, the field know south aluminum as the national state-owned key leading enterprise in the production management and enterprise of the development of spiritual civilization construction, etc. 

To southern aluminum company chairman, party secretary of Lin as a guide, and what is general manager after reporting, zhangong secretary for south aluminum's achievements in recent years was provided in the production management and enterprise in the aspect of reform, development and stability expressed satisfaction with the work.

"When you see the smile on your face, you will know that you have done a good job in the first half of the year," he told the staff. He warmly encouraged south aluminum staff study, implement the good general secretary hu jintao June 25 in the central party school's important speech spirit, adhere to the scientific views of development command the overall situation of enterprise development, do "good character overhead seeks the development, reform and innovation development, people-oriented development, overall coordination development", more as a more pragmatic, promote sound and rapid development, to comprehensively promote the channel west bank economic zone construction, with excellent performance to meet the victory at the 17th CPC to make new contributions. 

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