The project of "aluminum alloy profiles for vehicle lightweight and energy saving" passed the expert group acceptance and result appraisal smoothlyIssuingTime:2009-04-10

The company technology center, processing factory, quality plan, sales and other departments to focus on science and technology plan projects in fujian province for 2008 "lightweight energy-saving vehicles use aluminum profile", on March 30, 2009, successfully passed the provincial department, provincial economic and trade commission expert group project acceptance and achievement appraisal of the organization. 

By tang electric professor and PhD supervisor, strong Dai Pin professor and PhD supervisor of seven experts such as project acceptance and achievement appraisal committee, listened to the project report, reviewed the relevant information and looked at the scene, the review thinks, the project's overall technology is difficult, reached the domestic leading level, conforms to the industrial and technological development policy in our country, realize the lightweight vehicles, energy saving, environmental protection, economic and social benefit is remarkable.  

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