"Fujian aluminum" aluminum profile selected in "achievement exhibition of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China"IssuingTime:2009-11-10

   "60 years of glory -- achievement exhibition of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China" opened in Beijing exhibition hall on September 19. Fujian nanping aluminum co., LTD. "fujian aluminum" aluminum profile on behalf of China's non-ferrous metal industry development achievements in the exhibition area.

The exhibition shows the founding of new China 60 years, especially since the reform and opening up the communist party of China leads the Chinese people of all ethnic groups the great course of unremitting exploring the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, as an important pole in our country industry of non-ferrous metals in special area industrial unit is particularly striking, although the exhibition area is not big, but very well concentrated the non-ferrous industry in China has made brilliant achievements.

Nanping aluminium the selected to show the main products are thermal insulation energy-saving door window/curtain wall aluminum extrusion, powder/electrophoresis paint, wood grain transfer printing/fluorocarbon spraying aluminum, buses with aluminum, such as LED/CPU radiator aluminous profile 13 class. There are 400 ka aluminum corporation of China large-scale pre-baked anode aluminum electrolytic tank, nanshan aluminum "1 + 4" hot rolling production line, Beijing nonferrous metal research institute developed the first 450 mm diameter czochralski number, jungle group of the world's first ten thousand tons of hydraulic double-acting aluminium extrusion machine... Results of this technology from the perspective of multiple varieties, ranging from mining, smelting, processing to the application of the whole aluminum industry chain, through the link of production, scientific research, shows the new atmosphere, new appearance of aluminum industry in China, offer a to the new China 60th anniversary celebration and blessings.

Nanping aluminium as a large state-owned aluminium company, with complete aluminum industry chain (electrolytic aluminum - aluminum casting, aluminum), enterprises always adhere to independent innovation, product design and performance meet or exceed the international advanced level, to become one of the few aluminum into the exhibition enterprises.

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