Fujian provincial first quality award on-site audit work as scheduledIssuingTime:2010-06-13

In order to further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise and management level, nanping aluminium in November 2009 to declare the province first award, the first trial, of the public, social satisfaction survey assessment, material review, etc., to become one of the 12 enters the audit site in fujian province. Leaders of nanping aluminum company and all units have made serious preparations for on-site audit. May 18-20, the reviewers award evaluation committee organization in fujian province to nanping aluminium on-site audit, to "talk", "check", "see", "review" four steps to carry out the work, the board is nanping aluminium performance excellence management model of organization and leadership, strategic management, customers and market, process control, measurement, analysis, improvement and results for the three days of on-site review.

In the review meeting for the first time, the company general manager and party secretary of how the economic report of the declaration of fujian province quality prize - self assessment report ", the board also focus on "corporate vision", "strategic objectives", "social responsibility", "customer reviews", Lin jian, chairman of orderly answer item by item. Board a line also examines the company's main business processes, in the three days of review activities have held all kinds of panel, and departments of the leadership of the company's main officials attended the meeting. By participating in the fujian provincial quality award, nanping aluminum industry is encouraged to continuously pursue outstanding performance and improve market competitiveness.

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