The company has been awarded two titles of "standard research and innovation demonstration base"IssuingTime:2013-05-17

Recently, for the recognition of fujian nanping aluminium co., LTD., in the international and national standards development work made outstanding contribution to the national nonferrous metals standardization technical committee on April 26th in innovative demonstration base of opening ceremony held in foshan, guangdong, awarded the nanping aluminium and other seven units "GB 5237" aluminum alloy construction profiles "national standards developed innovative demonstration base" (2013-2013), at the same time awarded nanping aluminium and other six units "ISO 28340: 2013 "aluminum surface composite membrane surface organic composite anode oxidation membrane and composite membrane electrophoresis general provisions on the international standard research and innovation demonstration base" of the title, general manager and party secretary of any alms, attended the opening ceremony on behalf of the company.

Nanping aluminium relying on more than 50 years to nurture and has aluminum smelting, processing technology and human resources advantages, actively participate in the ISO 28340 international standard drafting, from 2004 standard proposal stage to approval stage for ten years, the standard of the ISO 28340 international, nanping aluminium successively participated in Japan, Canada, France, Italy and China (Beijing), xiamen, zhengzhou international standards ISO/TC79 work conference and the ISO 28340 international standard proposal work conference, to undertake the international standards of performance test research work. ISO/DIS 28340 is our country in the development of the first surface of aluminum composite membrane international standards, the development of international standards for the help to set up the international image of China aluminum industry, promote the international trade of aluminum enterprises in our country.

At the same time, nanping aluminium is GB5237 aluminum alloy construction profiles, the main drafting national standards, participate in the 1993 edition, 2000 edition and 2004 edition, 2008, 2006 for the first time become the series standards of the country's big four test research base, one of which has the international advanced level of GB5237.6 "aluminum alloy construction profiles part 6: insulation material standard is nanping aluminium responsible editor, to complete the drafting work, the company in the country take the lead in development and is equipped with complete test equipment, insulation profile of experiments is completed the standard drafting research and writing. The introduction of this standard fills the gap in China, standardizes and guides the development and application of building energy-saving materials products, and ensures the energy-saving and safety reliability of building doors and Windows.

As one of the earliest aluminum alloy profiles manufacturers in China, nanping aluminum has always been a leader in industry innovation. Over the years, nanping aluminum has actively participated in the revision of international, national and industrial standards. By participating in the formulation of relevant international standards, the international status and voice of south aluminum were enhanced. By involving products, raw materials, test method, energy consumption, safe, clean production and so on many countries, industries, and local standards system/revision work, establish south of aluminum in the aluminum industry leading position; By further promoting the construction of enterprise standard system, it provides a solid technical foundation for the production and operation of the company, and establishes and consolidates the leading position of the company in the industry.

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