The national mandatory standards for aluminum profiles have been officially implemented in south aluminumIssuingTime:2005-03-29

Report from our correspondent on March 3, south aluminium formal execution GB5237.1-5237.6-2004 national compulsory standards, the company on the execution GB5237.1-5237.6-2004 mandatory national standards notice from now on has issued to the relevant units.

Gb5237.1-5237.6-2004 compulsory national standard for aluminium alloy building profiles was issued on November 1, 2004 and officially implemented on March 1,2005. The content includes six parts: substrate, anodic oxidation, coloring profile, electrophoretic painting profile, powder spraying profile, fluorocarbon painting profile and heat insulation profile. In 2004, the state committee for standardization in order to ensure the security of person and construction, to the enterprise implementation of GB/original T5237.1-5237.5-2000 "building aluminum shaped" involved in the national standard construction and revised the terms of the personal safety, and ask the production enterprise to enforce. Production, sale and import of products that do not meet mandatory standards will be prohibited. Aluminum is GB5237.1-5237.6-2004 aluminum alloy construction profiles one of the main drafting unit, to seriously implement the new standard, improve the market competitiveness of aluminum products, the company decided to from March 3, 2005 to implement new national mandatory standard. In the notification, the company requires all departments to conscientiously implement the new national standards, and to do a good job in the administration of the department and the publicity of the new standards revision.

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