South aluminum was rated as a provincial "contract abiding and credit enterprise"IssuingTime:2005-06-02

On May 13, 488 enterprises, such as nanal, were identified by the fujian provincial administration for industry and commerce as "fujian province's trustworthy enterprises in keeping contracts in 2003-2004".

Provincial selection of "observing contract credit enterprise", is the fujian province administration for industry and commerce for the construction of good faith, the economic order of fair competition, to promote in-depth development of China credit activities of the host, the purpose is to promote our province enterprise credit system, establish a good image credit enterprise. The activities of voluntary application by the enterprise, provincial, municipal credible enterprises association actively involved in the contract, the administrative department for industry and commerce at various levels inspection checks, and solicit opinions made the relevant departments, through the "fujian" of the municipal administration network of the public to the society.

Enterprises that have obtained "contract abiding and credit valuing enterprise" can mark "fujian province contract abiding and credit valuing enterprise" in their business exchanges and advertising as credit publicity. Free consultation with the administrative departments of industry and commerce and the association of enterprises in fujian province that abide by contracts and attach great importance to credit; Preferential access to legal and regulatory consulting, training and other services; Preferential recommendation to participate in the identification of provincial famous trademarks; Can apply for exemption from annual inspection.

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