Sales volume of company profile reaches "double half"IssuingTime:2005-07-04

After three consecutive months of high profile sales, the sales company in the first half of this year has completed 50% of the annual sales volume, an increase of 2,750 tons compared with the same period last year, achieving "double over half".

In order to adapt to the fierce market competition, the sales company carried out internal organizational reform at the beginning of the year and reclassified the responsibilities of each department. The company has established a "marketing planning department" specializing in the collection of market information and product promotion. Increased customer technical services; To adjust and strengthen the sales force of the operating department and its overseas offices; We will implement a centralized recall and training system for overseas personnel and a training system for salesmen. Implement the regional general manager responsibility system and strengthen the guidance and management of the regional business. At the same time, we intensified the efforts on the development of new products, has now completed shutter, dry construction curtain wall, economical energy-saving push-pull window, etc. Series product development, new section during the first half of 740, effectively meet the market demand. This year in terms of product promotion, sales company successively in fuzhou, Shanghai, hangzhou, jinan, Beijing and other places to participate in all kinds of exhibition, to fujian and aluminum brand publicity, and according to the requirement of the company's CIS system specification on dealer store signs. The company has developed a new fund flow software to strengthen the management of customer funds current account.

Through the efforts of the company, in the implementation of sales growth at the same time, this year fluorine carbon materials and wood grain materials such as high-grade product sales growth is larger, the "fujian aluminum" brand of high grade be better reflected in the market.

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