South aluminum into the list of provincial quality management advanced unitsIssuingTime:2005-07-04

After strict evaluation, the fujian provincial bureau of quality and technical supervision recently awarded the title of "advanced enterprise of quality management of fujian province in 2004" to 114 enterprises such as nanaluminium corporation.

South aluminum regard quality as the life of the enterprise, in order to make the quality management in place, at the beginning of 1996 south the choice of the aluminum and have gained the most strict ISO9000 clan standard, the most difficult, the most wide range of aspects of ISO9001 quality system certification; In 2000, the transformation of iso9001-2000 was completed. South aluminium in the process of implementing quality system, combined with the actual formulated the post responsibility system for quality, quality management, and directly contacted with the economic interests of the employees, responsibly and responsibilities clear, effective supervision, rewards and punishments, implements the quality management from rule of man to the transcendence of "rule of law". Last year, continuous improvement completed the revision of ISO9001 quality system. This year, it passed the external audit of fujian audit center of fangyuan national committee.

South aluminum built in order to ensure the quality of the product, the first-class quality inspection center and measurement, using the modern quality management theory and statistical techniques to control product quality, make the enterprise production has always been in a stable state, provides the excellent product quality assurance. While ensuring the quality of products, nac also sincerely provides high-quality services for users, who are in urgent need, think what users want, and serve honestly and faithfully, which has been well received by users.

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