South aluminium carries out the high skill talented person to identify pilot workIssuingTime:2005-10-12

In order to further implement the and promote enterprise high-skilled talent team construction, reform and perfect the evaluation system of skilled personnel, on September 2, the company introduced the south aluminum company work pilot implementation of enterprise high-skilled talents that the implementation of the plan, decided within the company to develop skills that pilot work.

Internal high-skilled talents that pilot work, mainly in order to continue to do a good job of technicians for examination and assessment of socialization, on the basis of exploring the national vocational standard combined with enterprise post requirements, identified with experts and enterprises, combining with professional ability as the guidance, focusing on the work performance of the enterprise that skilled personnel, to speed up the high skill talented person's raise southern aluminum company. Through research, the company determined pilot unit of skilled talents are: electrolytic plant, processing plant, fluorocarbon companies, power energy co., test room, actively company, fujian aluminium roll companies, such as red fujian aluminum, pilot rating for technicians and senior technicians. At present, the company (including affiliated enterprises) has about 1500 technical workers. According to the job requirements, the number of technicians is held at 8-13% of the total number of technical workers. Senior technicians hold about 0.3 to 0.5 percent of the total number of skilled workers. The trial period is tentatively set at three years. South aluminum based on the actual, the recognition of a highly skilled employment access work basically has 26, the company will follow the performance and enterprise's employment identity, recognition, series with the level and the principle of just, fair, open, according to the personal declaration, the expert group review, the enterprise as the way of technician, senior technician level is maintained, through recognition of the personnel by labor safeguard branch is sent to the corresponding level of professional qualification certificate. At the same time, the company set up a salary and skill level linked distribution incentive mechanism. That is, job allowance and post allowance for highly skilled talents (excluding basic salary and bonus) as well as housing and newspaper fees, etc., corresponding to the treatment of professional and technical personnel. The job subsidy shall be implemented in accordance with the "implementation plan of additional salary and allowance for some professional and technical personnel" document no. 136 of nanal (2003).

In order to ensure the south aluminum high-skilled talents that pilot work smoothly, the company set up in what dhi as team leader, jun-min Chen, Lv Xiaohua vice leader of the leading group, administrative office, linked in human resources, responsible for trial high-skilled talent that will be carried out. It is reported that the first batch of declaration confirmation working hours from September 21, 2005 solstice October 10.

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