Guanjiapin was honored as the "model worker of nanping city"IssuingTime:2005-12-01

On September 29, the municipal party committee and municipal government of nanping jointly held the labor model changhua meeting.

Guan jiapin is now a section chief of electrolysis, aluminum electrolysis technicians. Since 1988 after into the factory technical school with major in aluminium electrolysis has been working in the front line, electrolytic took part in the south of aluminium from 60 to 240 ka ka self baking groove pre-baked slot and so on a number of technical renovation work, more than a decade, he hold hard jobs, efforts to improve their own quality, pay attention to combine the knowledge combined with production practice, have relatively rich professional theoretical knowledge and strong practical ability to deal with problems, where the top section of the economic and technical indicators comfortably in this unit for a long time. From 1999-1999, he has won five times company "pacesetter", was named in 2002 l list of citizen moral construction fleas, and obtain the company "young station expert", "top ten" communist party member, "model team leader" and other honorary titles. He led the section has won many honors such as "nanping new long march commandos", "nanping youth wenming", the company's "top ten red flag squad", model, advanced workers' small families and so on.

In 2004, although the effect of limited electricity, current reduction, he led the section still achieved 94.24% current efficiency, anode consumption of 520 KG/T - AL, dc power consumption of 13600 KWH/T - AL good result, the comprehensive indexes for more than a year time reach the national advanced level, the same type under the condition of the complete factory inspection also save costs 2.04 million yuan, made outstanding contribution for the enterprise.

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